Which is the best facial device?

An in-depth look at the cheapest and most effective facial products!

facial devices

Have you ever used a facial device?

Facial equipment is a popular gift for women who want to stay beautiful forever. They have a variety of functions, such as increasing the penetration rate of beauty ingredients with ion-introduction, and lifting up with ultrasonic waves. In addition, they are affordable and have become the talk of the town.

In this article, I'll introduce some of the points to consider when choosing such a popular facial device, as well as some recommended facial devices. If you want to keep your skin beautiful and confident, try using a facial device!

What to look for when choosing a facial device

There are many different types of facial equipment with various functions, so it can be difficult to choose the right one for you... Here are some points to consider when choosing a facial equipment.

facial devices

Choose by your concerns

First of all, it is best to choose a facial device based on your skin concerns. The effects you can expect will vary depending on the function, but what kind of facial device is ideal for you? Let's take a look at the different types of problems.

Wrinkles and sagging skin

There are many people who want to do something about wrinkles and sagging skin, which are problems that arise with age. It seems that many people want to do something about wrinkles and sagging skin. For those people, ultrasonic facial equipment is recommended!

By using ultrasonic waves, it increases the penetration power of the serum and improves the lifting effect.

It's great to know that using a facial device can also increase the effectiveness of your daily massage.
There are many low-priced but highly functional products on the market, so why not take advantage of them?


If you have pore problems such as pores that float when you apply foundation, or blackheads in your pores...
There are a surprisingly large number of women who have problems with their pores. For those who have such problems, we recommend a facial device with an ion guide function.

The power of the positive ions will cleanse the dirt in your pores and enhance the cleansing effect. If you are concerned about the dirt and blackheads in your pores, look for a facial device that will take care of your pores.

Skin elasticity, lines

If you're worried about your skin's elasticity and lines, look for a facial device with a high tightening effect. If you are concerned about your skin's elasticity and lines, we recommend a roller type that has a high tightening effect. Just by massaging, you can expect lift-up and small face effects.

Facial appliances with a heating effect can also be effective. Also, facial appliances with a heating effect are expected to be effective, promoting blood circulation and making your skin firm and elastic.


For those who suffer from dry skin, we recommend those equipped with radio waves. In addition, those with a heating effect are also expected to be effective.

It is characterized by its ability to deeply warm the skin and deliver moisturizing ingredients deep into the skin. This maximizes the effect of the serum and increases the moisturizing effect.

Choose by ideal usage

When do you want to use your facial devices? When do you want to use it?

I want to take care of my skin easily and in a short time.

For those who want to take care of their skin in a short time, the roller type is recommended. The roller type can be used without using a serum, so you can use it in a short time while traveling.

You can also use it in a short period of time, such as when you are on the move. Using it frequently will increase the effect, so it is best to try to use it in your spare time. It's also a good point that it's small enough not to be bulky in your bag!

I want to take my time to care for my skin!

For those who want to take their time to care for their skin, I recommend a product with a heating effect. If you want to take your time to care for your skin, I recommend those with a heating effect, which will slowly warm your skin and help you relax.

If you have time on weekends or any other time when you want to relax and enjoy the feeling of a beauty treatment, why not choose one with a thermal effect? You'll be relieved of stress, your skin's worst enemy, and your skin will be even more beautiful!

I want to use it in the bath!

There are many waterproof facial equipment on the market. There are many busy women who want to finish everything in the bath! There are many busy women who want to get everything done in the bath.

A bath is the perfect place to relax and take care of your skin because the temperature and humidity are high, opening up your pores. Some people say that using it in the bath makes it easier to feel the effects, so why not give it a try?

I don't want it to be heavy!

The effects of a facial cleanser only become apparent after daily use. For this reason, ease of use is also important.

A lightweight device that is easy for women to use is recommended because it can be used every day without strain. It is important to consider the situation in which you will use the device when choosing a facial device.

Recently, there have been a number of inexpensive but highly functional facial equipment on the market. Here are some of the most popular and inexpensive facial products that can be purchased for less than 30,000 yen.

BILulu Classy

BILULU CLASSY is a multifunctional facial device that includes ultrasonic, ion introduction, ion guidance, and vibration massage. It can perform multiple functions in a single unit and can be purchased inexpensively.

In particular, it removes dirt from deep within the pores and improves the penetration of serums. You can choose from a variety of colors, which is also a great point.

L&L Skin MIO2

L&L Skin MIO2 face lift massager is a popular facial device supervised by Lycra and skin experts. Because it is supervised by Raizap, who knows all about muscles, it is effective in stimulating facial muscles and lifting up the skin.

L&L Skin MIO2 facial devices

In addition, the ion-introduction function supports the penetration of cosmetics into the skin smoothly. It is also effective for dullness and whitening.

LaraLuce RF

A full-fledged facial device in the LalaLuce series. Produced by the popular TV personality Aya Sugimoto, this facial device has been a hot topic right from its launch.

It's no wonder why it's so popular, as it can improve face lines, laugh lines, wrinkles, and skin elasticity. It tightens sagging muscles and adjusts the face line.


Points to consider when choosing a facial device and introduced a popular facial device.

In addition to daily skin care, I want to achieve more beautiful skin! For those who want to achieve a more beautiful skin, facial equipment is more affordable than going to an esthetician, and you can experience authentic care at home.

Let's find the perfect facial device for you and polish up your beautiful skin!

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